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Bravo !! Linear (Feedback from Louis Fantasia)

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작성자 최고관리자 작성일18-02-07 09:34 조회3,939회


I picker our bass today and it is wonderful!

Congratulations on such a wonderful instrument.

I took from the luthier to the rehearsal this afternoon and everyone remarked on the beautiful

"honey-like" tone of the instrument! I think we made the right choice to go with the Corelli strings.

The bass is very easy to play and just sings in the hall

-- and that's with just a half hour warm.

My stage director, who has been with my production of The Double Bass since 1989, said that apart from a $40,000 Italian bass I once used, that this is one of the richest and best sounding basses we have ever hand

-- and it looks great under the lights. I just want to say how very pleased and proud I am to be using your instrument.

Do let all the members of your company know how much I thank them all for their hard work and skill

Your friend, Louis.


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