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Our using woods and style is:

Wood : We use only select and seasonally dried high-quality spruce and maple for our basses. Fingerboards are of select African ebony. We age our woods naturally in a special drying chambers for several years at a time. As the quality and sound of each bass depends on the type of wood and method of drying used, we give our upmost attention to this process.

Style : We make each of our basses to the custom specifications of the client.
We offer Gamba, Violin and Busetto shaped basses, with arched or flat back in our select quality models. These basses are world class, artist instruments of the highest professional standards.

  Linear offers a full, comprehensive range of high quality, handmade stringed instruments. The top, back and ribs are hand-crafted in our workshop, aged, dried and then varnished.
Our basses are waiting to be varnished.

  We have various styles of varnish that we use in the finishing process of our basses.
On the professional quality basses we use hand-rubbed oil- and spirit-based finishes. On our semi-professional and student models , we use an applied nitrocellulosis varnish. Our standard varnish is clear, highlighting the textures and grains of the wood, but custom varnishes in darker tones can be ordered.
All basses are shipped finished, completely set-up and adjusted to the highest luthier standards.
We can set-up our basses to accommodate any specific requests from our clients.